Exquisite Workers

2021, Illustration

Project undertaken as part of a social media campaign.

Exquisite workers emerged at the very beginning of the coronavirus lockdown in Barcelona as a small, independent artists owned company and a social media platform. The idea behind the start-up was to bring creatives from all over the world during these difficult times on one Instagram feed and create some beautiful Exquisite Corpse, the body of work published daily and defined by a montly chosen colorful palette. Now we are 572 creatives from 50 countries making one unique art piece all together.

Each month has a specific colour palette and guide to keep the flow of the instagram feed. Inspired by vintage neon music posters I combined my own perception of lockdown with the things I miss most about the world - travel. You can see it here within the instagram page. 

This illustration was also chosen in Collaboration with a music ticketing company called Flashback.

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